Stand Up Paddling in Nosara Will Leave You Speechless

stand-up-paddle-nosara-sup-costa-rica-ocean-lesson-033Editor’s Note: Todays article is by Josh Linnes. Last year he caught 1,326 waves and still had time for writing articles about Costa Rica in his Investment Magazine. You can reach him on Google+.

Experience Costa Rica to its fullest in Nosara, a coastal community known for its gorgeous beaches, unbeatable surf, local culture, and well preserved eco-system. The people in Nosara definitely live the laid-back Costa Rican lifestyle and once there, you can expect your days to be filled with activities like swimming, snorkeling and surfing. Of course if you are looking to really slow down, you can spend your time relaxing on one of Nosara’s three surrounding beaches, Playa Guiones, Playa Peleda, and Playa Nosara, all three of which are protected turtle reserves.

Why not try something new?

But if you are looking for something new to try on your trip to Nosara, Costa Rica, one of the best ways to really soak in the natural beauty of the area is to take a guided stand up paddle (SUP) tour and ‘Experience Nosara‘ can get you started. A stand up paddle company operating out of Playa Guiones, Nosara, the enthusiastic staff at ‘Experience Nosara’ are ready and willing to share their love and knowledge of SUP boarding as they guide you through beautiful Nosara, an experience that is

truly second to none. So what exactly is a stand up paddle tour? Precisely what it sounds like. The friendly instructors at ‘Experience Nosara’ will teach you to stand up on a surf board while using a single paddle to move your board smoothly through the water. Now the immediate reaction many people may have when they hear the phrase cheap levitra professional stand up paddle tour, is that it will be too hard. This simply isn’t the case. While it may look difficult at first glance, with a little guidance from the seasoned SUP boarders at ‘Experience Nosara’, anyone can enjoy a SUP tour. But then again, how will you know until you give it a try? The conditions in Nosara are perfect. With water sitting at an average temperature of 80°, wetsuits won’t be necessary. In fact, all you will need is a hat, sunglasses and a good coat of sunscreen before getting into the water and up onto your board to enjoy a Nosara tour unlike any other.

Experience the beauty of Nosara

Then, once you’ve mastered the basics and feel comfortable on your board, the real adventure can begin. On an ‘Experience Nosara’ SUP tour, you will see and ‘experience’ things that you might never have seen otherwise. You will have the chance to get close to nature as you paddle along the jungle rivers at your own pace. Observe crocodiles lounging in the cool mud along the river banks and watch as schools of tropical fish, turtles, and mysterious eagle rays swim directly below

your board. As you encounter these amazing creatures in their natural habitat your ‘Experience Nosara’ guide will be able to answer questions and teach you more about the biodiversity of Nosara and Costa Rica in general. While on your board you may even get the opportunity to watch the sun set down over the horizon as you paddle out onto the ocean, which needless to say, is an awe-inspiring site to behold. But one of the best things about taking a SUP tour are the social possibilities that go along with such an activity. If you book a tour with a group of friends or family, you will be able to spend the day learning, paddling, chatting, and laughing together as you make your way through Nosara with your ‘Experience Nosara’ guide. And if you are looking for more of a thrill and have already mastered flat-water SUP boarding, you may want to take it to the next level, SUP surfing. Leave behind the leisurely

lakes, rivers, and canals and move out on to the open ocean where the ‘Experience Nosara’ instructors can teach you to catch waves at intermediate and advanced levels.

Ready for an ‘Experience Nosara’ SUP tour?

So if you are headed to Nosara, Costa Rica, and are looking for unique activities to fill up your days, book a stand up paddle tour with ‘Experience Nosara’ and try something new. Explore the jungles, rivers, and unexplored coasts of Costa Rica as

you cialis equivalent viagra slice through the water using nothing but a paddle, a board, and you.